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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance covers for financial losses caused due to a devastating earthquake or earth movement such as land slide, mudslide or sinkhole that involves the shifting, sinking or rising of earth surface. But earthquake insurance comes with a twist – it does not pay for losses incurred due to a tidal wave or flood, even the effect is compounded or affected by a prior earthquake. Sometimes ridiculous technicality that is, but a common man has no other choice than living with it.

An important aspect with earthquake insurance is that it is no part of the homeowner or tenant insurance policies. Instead, earthquake insurance stands independently like a life insurance or auto insurance.

Let us see how earthquake insurance works. Earthquake insurance, unlike most homeowner insurance types – covers mainly substantial losses. The claim is paid after accounting for the deductibles that may vary from 10-25%. The damages that exceed the deductibles are only paid to the customer.

Even though there are no hard and fast rules in deducing claims, while doing so, some insurance providers may take in to account structure and contents as

Protect Expatriate Family

Starting with straight health insurance for you and your family you may then need to consider both critical illness insurance and income protection. Making sure that you have the important insurances in place will afford you greater peace of mind coupled with greater security as a family.

Personal peace of mind will enable you to get on with enjoying your time abroad and allow you to concentrate on establishing long term financial freedom.

Health insurance

In terms of health insurance, it’s essential to make sure that you and your family are covered in your new country of residence and also when travelling.

Always make sure that you are comfortable with any restrictions or limitations of policies recommended to you, and any excess you may be liable for in the event of a claim.

Medical costs differ greatly around the world, as do the standards of treatment available. Find out what services are available in your country of residence, what your expatriate insurance covers you for, and always make sure that you have

You can Invest in Insurance

In the old days people could use their insurance as a maintenance policy. You paid your premium, and little deductible, and insurance would take care of the loss. But nowadays it’s too expensive for that! You use it once and you will loose your claims free discount and ending up paying back any small claim over the next three years while your policy is rated. If you need it again the premium jumps even more and this necessary expense can get even more burdensome. That is why, as an agent who prides himself on putting the customer first, I want to inform you about your protection, and how investing a little time can give you the protection you need, and make the money you are spending go as far as possible.

To maximize the efficiency of the money you are spending on insurance you should consider using it primarily for a catastrophic loss. By “catastrophic” I mean a major loss that would be “catastrophic” to your finances. That’s not to say $1000 is a small amount of money, but I

Mortgage Protection

The financial industry is packed with pretty shrewd people so it’ll come as no surprise to learn that there are financial products to help with each of these risks.

If you want to reduce the risk of interest rates rising to unaffordable levels, you should have discussed these matters with your mortgage adviser. He will then have told you about “fixed” and “capped interest rate” mortgages. As the name implies, a fixed rate mortgage fixes the interest rate you pay whilst with a “capped” mortgage, the lender agrees not to increase your interest rate above a pre-agreed level. Both types of mortgage revert to the standard variable rate after the fixed or capped period finishes which is typically after three or five years, depending on your lender.

Fixed rate mortgages are currently very popular accounting for 55% of new advances and there are some very good deals around. The capped rate for capped rate mortgages is usually set at the outset above the equivalent fixed rates available but the rate you pay is lower than the fixed rates. In this context your interest rate risk can be effectively controlled. After the end of the protected period

Yacht Insurance

A yacht is nothing short of a house on water. With all the comforts of home and then some, it is a marvel of engineering and expense to boot. Affordability is not really an issue when it comes to yacht ownership, but protecting one’s investment is. When you have spent more on a boat than other people spend on a home and car combined, then you have every right to make sure that the money you spent will not be in vain. Insurance is the only option in this case and you should choose the policy wisely when dealing with large sums of money like the cost of a yacht.

First off you will need to determine the coverage for the entire yacht. This amount will represent the amount that you would need to get back should the vessel become a total loss. There are several ways in which any type of boat can be lost, the least of which being theft and the worst being explosion. An explosion is a more real threat then you realize when you consider the amount of fuel being carried below decks of a large yacht. A misplaced collision with another

Information of Internet Insurance Leads

There is no doubt about it: if you want to reach the largest amount of people possible across the nation, then you should start getting internet leads. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve an astonishing number of sales. And, of course, this huge number of potential customers is a great chance of getting plenty of referrals. Everyone knows someone that needs a policy. It’s the good old basic equation: More customers = more referrals.

Be sure to choose a lead service that fulfills your needs, have them pre-eliminate those dead-end quote requests, and the rest is doing what you are good for, that means, selling insurance policies.

If you need healing, you pay a visit to a physician. If you want to get yourself a new car, you don’t enter a pharmacy to buy it. It’s that simple: if you really want to increase the amount of your customers, then you need to get in touch with a quality internet insurance leads service provider. That is what makes the difference in the insurance world nowadays.

About Critical Illness Insurance

If you decide you want to pay for hospital fees yourself, you can use your insurance money to avoid drawing money out of personal savings, help to pay off debt, allows your partner to take time off work to look after you or any other way you choose. There are different levels of critical illness insurance, and the one you decide on depends on how much you can afford. Having basic coverage will usually cover five or six conditions, while comprehensive coverage will cover all of the illnesses the insurance company has to offer. Comprehensive coverage will cost more, but a good company should provide about 80% coverage, even for basic insurance.

Costs of insurance will also depend on your age, health and other lifestyle factors. The necessity of having critical illness insurance is often higher than people might think. Statistics show that a person is more likely to contract a critical illness than they are to die before the age of 75. A critical illness can drastically change your lifestyle because you may not be in a condition to work as you had before experiencing the illness. Insurance can help you financially during treatment as well

Lawn Care Business

Cost depends on:

* Type

* Size

* Number of vehicles

* How far it’s driven everyday

* What it’s hauling

Business Owners Policy(BOP)- Package insurance which includes:

* General Liability

* Business Interruption Insurance- replaces business income andpays expenses such as equipment, office rent, fire, theft, or other loses. Cost $300- $400 a year.

Surety Bond -Covers the hiring contractors should you default on the job. Occasionally, this may be required for commercial jobs. Once you become established they may waive the bond.

Surety bonds are generally not needed for residential accounts, unless you are applying pesticides or herbicides. Ask your insurance agent.

Unless you have expensive equipment, I would think about not insuring the equipment, but to not insure you must always lock equipment with locks that are fast to open and close. I use the locks with the 3 numbers(Masterlock) or key locks, never do combination. Takes too long to open.

Before I started locking my equipment down, I had equipment stolen from my trailer. Later on, my trailer was stolen even being locked. Lawn equipment is stolen a lot. More than you

Disaster Decision

Disaster insurance is typically defined as additional homeowner’s insurance to cover events like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods. Home insurance policies typically cover hurricanes and tornadoes (review your policy to be certain in covers damage from such events). But often damage from floods and earthquakes isn’t covered. This extra insurance, if desired, must be purchased in addition to your standard homeowner policy, and it can be expensive, depending on where you live.

Because disaster insurance can be expensive, it’s a type of coverage some homeowners opt not to buy. But in some cases they are required to buy. For example, mortgaged homes in the US that are located in designated flood hazard areas are required to buy flood insurance through the US National Flood Insurance Program. Of course, once those mortgages are paid, there is no longer a requirement to buy such insurance.

But homeowners in those areas should carefully consider whether they really want to take the risk that their home and everything in it could be swept away, leaving them with nothing but an empty lot. Homeowners that aren’t in designated flood hazard areas should still know that floods can cause plumbing problems, like

Must know about Insurance with Ethics

The difference between your premium amount, and the amount the insurance company will have to pay out if the loss occurs, is simply the odds the insurance company is getting for taking on the bet. It’s just like going to the horse races and betting on a horse that pays out 10 to 1.

This view of insurance has led to a number of people and religious communities disapproving of insurance because of its similarities to gambling. Among those groups that avoid insurance are the Amish and Muslim communities. What these people do instead is create a system of what is known as social insurance. What this means is that if there is a disaster and someone suffers a heavy loss, then the whole community will step forward and help them to deal with their loss and rebuild. While this system is very simple, it has the potential to be just as effective a safety net as insurance. However, it requires that the community actually does step forward and help those who suffer from disasters. This means that it is more successful in small closed and closely knit communities than in large modern societies.

Social insurance

Information about Insurance Brokerage Firms

The insurance broker also relays data relating to the potential client’s business and risk profile to the technical division of the insurance company. The broker’s role may vary according to the size of the insurance company it serves. For big insurance companies, brokerage firms may operate in specialized areas, while elsewhere they may be required to look after the entire range of policies that an insurance company may have to offer.

Insurance brokerage firms are also supposed to manage knowledge and information flow relating to their clients and the markets in which they operate. Accordingly, they have to maintain detailed records. Not only that, but they also collate data from other sources and then analyze them to see the big picture. In addition, they identify new industry trends and developments on the basis of collated data and evaluate various insurance products on the market.

In many countries, in fact, insurers are already selling their products mainly through brokerage firms. In other words, brokers have emerged as the sole distributor of policies for the insurance companies in those countries. Nevertheless, this trend is yet to evolve into a global practice.

Life Settlements

A life insurance settlement, (also referred to as a senior life settlement or life settlement) is a financial transaction in which a senior citizen possessing an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy sells the policy to a third party, as opposed to surrendering or lapsing it back to the life insurance company. The seller receives immediate cash for the policy from the purchaser. The purchaser becomes the new beneficiary of the policy at maturation and is responsible for all premium payments from the time of the purchase until the seller passes away.

For senior citizens to receive an estimate on the amount available to them, they simply need to sign a release and provide information about the policy, there is no need for a physical or medical visit. “The life settlement process is a very simply process,” says Grant Shellhammer of┬áLife Settlement Pro, “Once
the necessary documents are received we can provide an estimate of the settlement amount, there is never any obligation or cost to the client.” With life insurance policies being surrendered and lapsed on a daily basis, it is important for consumers to understand how beneficial a life settlement can be.

There is

Typical Insurance Adjuster

The mere mention of a complaint to the State Department of Insurance may bring the adjuster around to making a better offer. Adjusters would rather not have to deal with a complaint and they positively don’t want copies of them ending up in their personnel file !

Your complaint to the State Insurance Department will accomplish several things. First, his boss will now become aware that there’s a claimant who intends to do whatever it takes to obtain some positive settlement dollars. That will often inspire that person to take a closer look at your case and come up with a better offer. Also, if indeed you write to the Consumer Complaints Division, it will evolve into what’s always a costly effort because a complaint with the State Insurance Department will add an additionallayer of work, supervised by an extra contingent of personnel. When it’s realized this will likely come to pass they’ll try harder to get rid of you and settle your claim.

The vast majority of insurance adjusters dream of one day being promoted to a higher position within the company they work for. They’re acutely aware of the fact if their personnel file

Insurance Fraud

The Insurance Research Council revealed some alarming information obtained from a recent survey regarding types of insurance crime that is considered “acceptable” by an unusually high percentage of the public. These types of insurance fraud include the following followed by the percentage of those surveyed who felt that it was acceptable:

o Increasing the claim to cover the deductible – 40%

o Increasing the claim to cover the premiums paid – 36%

o Including defective or obsolete appliances on a lightning claim – 29%

o Listing adults as main driver of a car being driven by an under age driver – 20%

o Omitting accidents/tickets from an insurance application – 14%

o Continuing medical treatment to increase the value of a claim – 11%

o Pretending a hit-and-run accident occurred to submit a claim – 7%

o Abandoning a car and reporting it stolen to the insurance company – 6%

o Reporting an injury at home as work related in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits – 10%

o Cooperating with lawyers, doctors or chiropractors to file false or exaggerated workers’ compensation claims to get money from insurers

Condo Rental Insurance

1. Comparison shopping is the most obvious way of cutting costs on insurance as well as everything. It takes a bit of time and effort but if comparison shopping on line it’s easy to access quotes from companies and ascertain which offers the lowest.

2. Increasing you deductible works with condo rental insurance just as with any other type of insurance. The higher the deductible the lower the insurance premium will be. Just keep one thing in mind when trying to lower fees by increasing your deductible. Should the eventuality of having to file a claim arise you will have to pay that deductible before the insurance company will pay out. Make sure you will be able to comfortably pay whatever that deductible amount is or it’s not worth the lowered insurance rate.

3. If you’re thinking of getting a dog find out what breeds-if any-your insurance company won’t cover. There have been more and more instances of dog attacks in past years and certain breeds are considered more dangerous than others.

4. If you’re over 55 or retired some insurers offer discounts. Now granted this isn’t a variable you have much control over but

Online Insurance

Then during the nineties big firms latched on to the idea of “direct” which is a handy abbreviation for cutting out the middle man. Just watch tv or listen to the radio toady and you are sure to observe this direct and that direct. The purpose of this in the world of insurance is to cut out the traditional high street broker and the percentage paid to them wherever possible.

The advent of the Internet and its increasing usage in most homes up and down Britain has accelerated the “direct” phenomenon. The big boys have quickly realised that websites are cheap to build and in addition there is a small army of privately owned websites on the World Wild Web that are more than happy to promote their insurance products for a commission – this commission usually being a lot less than a typical shop front broker is currently paid.

This all sounds very good………for the PLC that is. From the consumer’s point of view the casualty in all this is usually the level and quality of service. It’s fine when you are arranging your policy on the phone or on the net and you can

About Long Term Care Insurance


1. Pay for in-home caregivers and assisted living/nursing homes out of pocket. This is expensive and can often deplete a family’s life savings.

2. Meet a very specific poverty level and qualify for government assistance through the Medicaid program. Unfortunately, options are limited, only paying for nursing homes that accept Medicaid.

3. Buy a Comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance policy. This protects your family’s assets from the rising costs of caring for someone who needs full time care. An employer might pay the tax-deductible premiums. Consider buying it at a younger age, when more affordable and accessible. It must be bought before a major illness strikes. Medicare and regular health insurance does not pay for long-term care. The average cost for a person who needs long-term care is $40-$70,000 annually, depending on where you live, plus the cost to the family caregiver who may have to leave their job.


–Is the coverage comprehensive, meaning it includes all levels of care: in the home, assisted living, board & care, and nursing/dementia facilities?

–What is the daily benefit?

–Is there 5%

Protect Business With Proper Insurance

*Lost key coverage. This should pay to replace lost keys, adjust locks, or purchase and install new locks.

*Coverage for property in your care. This may include rental property, such as carpet cleaning or floor care machines.

*Theft of customer property coverage. This should cover losses incurred for theft and losses that occur from negligence, such as an employee who forgets to lock a building and allows a thief to steal your customer’s valuables.

*Limited pollution coverage. As a cleaning company your employees will most likely be working with an assortment of chemicals. You need to have coverage for accidental job site pollution that may arise from chemical spills.

*Business income coverage. If your biggest customer went out of business and your main source of income dried up, could you stay afloat until you had a chance to sign on new clients?

*Office equipment coverage. Check your policy to make sure you have enough coverage for your computers and office equipment. If you have a home-based business you might be able to get a rider attached to your homeowner’s insurance policy.
How do you choose an insurance carrier? To make sure that you

Insurance Claim Handling Online

Claims Management System by Quick Internet Software Solutions (QISS), a comprehensive CMS, is a leading claims management software system that reduces cost and work and is Web-based to facilitate cross-location claims administration. For all claim types, medical bills are entered either via online screens by in-house repricing professionals, or they are digitally imported over the Web from third party repricing firms via electronic data interchange (EDI).

This data is then available for explanations of review, federal and state government forms, and check printing. Compensation payments are either manually cut or scheduled to ensure timely imbursement right from within the system. Home-screen diaries maintain notes for personnel working a claim and customizable, real-time reporting capabilities including Claim Loss Runs and summaries are two standard features in this claim manager. Going a step beyond, in the application service provider (ASP) model, QISS houses and maintains all claim system server hardware and software freeing the adjuster firm from IT firm concerns and ensuring that the latest security protections are taken. Because this insurance software is completely Internet-based, all the adjusters, underwriters, or clients need to use it is a free Web browser already on most computers.

Insurance Claim

Lost wages are one of the most important element’s of your damages. Listen to me carefully when I say, “You should not think about the days you missed from work as Lost Time and Earnings. It’s not Lost Time and Earnings – – it’s Lost Earning Capacity”

You ask, “What’s Lost Earning Capacity all about? I thought I could only collect for my Lost Income?” The answer to that is, “In many situations you can claim lost income EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T LOST ONE SINGLE PENNY “. For example, this can happen when your salary is paid because you’ve elected to apply for the sick leave that’s due you, or because of an Accident and Health Policy available for you to take advantage of, or some other such arrangement.

In most instances – – even if you were paid while out of work – – you should still get that money routinely identified as Lost Wages. Why? Because that’s your Lost Earning Capacity. Your Lost Earning Capacity is what’s called a Compensatory Damage. Don’t let Strong swindle you out of that Compensatory Damage. Even if you’ve received an income, in some other way, you’re still entitled