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Condo Rental Insurance

1. Comparison shopping is the most obvious way of cutting costs on insurance as well as everything. It takes a bit of time and effort but if comparison shopping on line it’s easy to access quotes from companies and ascertain which offers the lowest.

2. Increasing you deductible works with condo rental insurance just as with any other type of insurance. The higher the deductible the lower the insurance premium will be. Just keep one thing in mind when trying to lower fees by increasing your deductible. Should the eventuality of having to file a claim arise you will have to pay that deductible before the insurance company will pay out. Make sure you will be able to comfortably pay whatever that deductible amount is or it’s not worth the lowered insurance rate.

3. If you’re thinking of getting a dog find out what breeds-if any-your insurance company won’t cover. There have been more and more instances of dog attacks in past years and certain breeds are considered more dangerous than others.

4. If you’re over 55 or retired some insurers offer discounts. Now granted this isn’t a variable you have much control over but it is a factor that may lower your fees.

5. A multi-line discount can be obtained when an insurance company offers a discount to its clients who buy more than one insurance policy through them. An example of this type of coupling is insuring both a car and the condo.