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Yacht Insurance

A yacht is nothing short of a house on water. With all the comforts of home and then some, it is a marvel of engineering and expense to boot. Affordability is not really an issue when it comes to yacht ownership, but protecting one’s investment is. When you have spent more on a boat than other people spend on a home and car combined, then you have every right to make sure that the money you spent will not be in vain. Insurance is the only option in this case and you should choose the policy wisely when dealing with large sums of money like the cost of a yacht.

First off you will need to determine the coverage for the entire yacht. This amount will represent the amount that you would need to get back should the vessel become a total loss. There are several ways in which any type of boat can be lost, the least of which being theft and the worst being explosion. An explosion is a more real threat then you realize when you consider the amount of fuel being carried below decks of a large yacht. A misplaced collision with another boat can cause an explosion that will most likely destroy the entire craft. This type of coverage is the normal amount required by a financial agency that has fronted the money for the yacht. This is to protect them from loss.

Next you should figure the equipment on board the boat that should be covered. This can consist of the motors, navigational equipment, riggings, anchors, and radios. These items are essential to the yacht’s operation and should be protected against loss or damage. This type of coverage can also include any personal items on board that need to be protected. This is similar to homeowners insurance in that respect as those policies generally cover household contents to a certain degree.

If the boat is stored in a region that is prone to violent weather conditions like hurricanes, then a provision in an insurance policy for this type of loss should also be considered. The loss from weather related occurrences is tremendous and most standard insurance policies do not offer coverage in this area. It may cost a considerable amount more to be covered against weather related damage but it will be worth it should the need arise.